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Philip’s Blog: I suppose that its better to get straight to the point. What am I doing standing for Parliament when I am the same age of some MPs who are retiring. Is it because they have such good pensions or because there is something so attractive about standing on doorsteps in January wondering if your feet are still there or whether you are about to suffer another bout of pneumonia.

by philiplatham on 10 February, 2015

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  1. Sandra Byrne says:

    Hello Mr Latham,

    here I am on the eve of voting day and only one party person – Tory – pushed any literature outlining his/her policies through the door and only one person – for the Tories – knocked on the door to speak to us. Little wonder they do so well around here.

    I will either vote for you or the Independent candidate but I hope the effort from the Lib Dems and alternative candidates has a bit more pep come the General Election or the predicted Tory landslide will be unstoppable. I have voted for you a few times in the past btw.

    It is a shameful state of affairs that to find out who is standing for the County Council, I have had to look them up on the net. Voters for the county council elections can hardly be criticised for apathy if they don’t know who or what policies are on offer.

    Sorry for the gripe but I will say one thing, you are the only candidate on the list for my ward – Stocksfield & Broomhaugh – who has a website where one can find any of this out.

    Good luck for tomorrow,

    Sandra Byrne

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